Future Homes Standard

The Government has just announced its response to the Future Homes Standard consultation which brings much-needed clarity to our industry.

The new requirements will mean new homes will need to de designed to produce carbon dioxide emissions 75-80% lower than those built to current Building Regulations by 2025. There is also interim 31% threshold that will be implemented later this year.

It also sets out proposals for a Future Buildings Standard, which provides a pathway to highly efficient non-domestic buildings which are zero carbon ready, better for the environment and fit for the future.

The changes are far reaching and will have significant impact on developers planning projects that will not be built out for the next few years. This will need to be taken into account when sourcing new deals and identifying sites, to ensure that the additional costs of compliance are factored in.

The new rules will also impact domestic extensions, and there is a completely new rule on overheating that will impact highly glazed buildings/extensions.

To download a copy of the latest proposals see this link

We ran a series of Future Building Standard webinar’s when the consultation was first released in 2019. We will be updating this training and running it again in the next few weeks. To make sure you dont miss out, sign up now to be first on the invite list.