Month: January 2023

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Vacancy – Senior Building Control Surveyor

The role will involve assessment of plans / checking of Building Control applications, and undertaking inspections of various Building Projects filing inspection reports using the latest digital technology. You must have experience of undertaking these roles for either LABC, NHBC or an Approved Inspector in the UK.

The role is home based and requires travel by car/motorcycle to building sites within East Sussex and Kent within a 40 mile radius of your home.

You will need to attend the West Malling office 1 day per week, (though you are welcome to attend more often) and will be working alongside a graduate to help mentor them to full qualification. Clients range from small domestic, to large commercial and even Public Sector projects offering a really interesting and rewarding mix where every day is different. NB excludes High Rise buildings.

We are able to be highly flexible and offer full or part time/variable hours contracts for those looking to semi retire from LABC or return to work due to increasing costs. This means that we can accommodate a choice of working patterns and hours – for example the hours could be worked Wednesday to Friday or after 10am to fit around childcare or other responsibilities. If neither of these options fits then please contact us as we may still be able to accommodate alternative patterns

Salary band is currently £38K – £45K pro rata based on qualifications and experience.

Pro-rata means in proportion to – so if you are appointed on an annual salary of £40K and choose to work 3 days a week you would earn 3/5ths of £40K. e.g. £24K (£2K per month for a 3 day week).

You will need hold a relevant qualification and have at least 2 years’ experience of working with Building Regulations for a BCB in the UK.

Make sure you check for drains before you start work

Thames Water have announced that they will no longer be responding to statutory consultation’s from Building Control Bodies.

Approved Inspectors have a statutory duty under Regulation 13 of The Building Regulations 2010 (Approved Inspectors etc) to consult the relevant sewerage authority and will continue to send the consultations, meeting that statutory duty. However, Thames will no longer respond meaning that we will not know if there are sewers running accross your site.

Therefore it is important to undertake a CCTV survey and send in details before you commence work as if a sewer is discovered you will need to apply for a Build Over Agreement if the building is within 3m from a sewer. Leaving it until the works commence on site, risks the contractor having to stop work, adding to cost and delay.

Price freeze extended to 15th Jan 2023

Submit your applications now and benefit from our 2021 prices!

Despite significant inflationary pressures we have held our prices since 6th April 2021, but we will be increasing fees in January 2023.
It has meant a lot to us that we were able to help our clients and freeze our costs when everything else was going up last year, and we had planned to increase the fees on 1st January 2023, but we have decided to extend it just a little bit longer.

We will be loading up the new fee schedules and forms to the website on 15th January so don’t miss out – get your applications in BEFORE the 15th of January. Applications made after this date won’t benefit from the reduced costs.