World Water Day 2021


March 22 is UN World Water Day, an annual celebration of the importance of freshwater.

The world is currently facing a global water crisis, with the combined pressures of climate change and population growth leading to drought and water shortages on a more widespread, frequent and severe scale than previously experienced.

Tackling water security and climate change, are two of the most critical crises the world will continue facing over the next several decades, according to ­the 2020 UN World Water Development Report, compiled by the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).


One of the most effective ways to end the cycle of poverty is to empower a community to care for itself including providing access to clean productive water and decent sanitation. Wilkinson Construction Consultants are proud to have joined forces with Aquaid Water Coolers and the Africa Trust to sponsor a water pump, known as an Elephant Pump, in a village in Africa, bringing life-giving water to the villagers every day.

Our Water Coolers are from AquAid